Top 3D printing conference to be held in Turku, Finland in June

Summer of 2022, June 15th and 16th will see a top conference on 3D printing, ie additive manufacturing in Turku Finland. Hundreds of top names in the industry are expected.

The two-day Additive Manufacturing Seminar Days conference brings two subjects to the table. The first day is dedicated to metal additive manufacture and the second to other materials, such as printing used in medical science.

Customized dentures are becoming a health industry norm and in the future custom combined pharmaceuticals might be commonplace. Industrial additive manufacturing techniques can create complicated yet optimized products. Components for process industry can maximize surface area and reactivity. An example of a commonplace use for these materials is water purification.

A central theme of the seminar, being held at the Turku University for Applied Sciences, are the prospects of companies, universities, schools of higher learning and research groups that are involved in the Turku area additive manufacturing ecosystem.

The contribution by Turku-area universities is substantial. Especially so for the Turku University of Applied Sciences as the host for the conference and as part of the additive manufacturing ecosystem.

Senior Research Scientist Heidi Piili from Turku University explains: “A top conference in Turku is paying homage to the long tradition of additive manufacturing in Turku. An example is how a Turku company has been involved in printing with metal from the beginning. It developed one of the most common methods of 3D printing metals in wide use world-wide. In addition to companies, universities in Turku have been significant; TUAS has been pioneer in the field. Although now the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi are involved too.”

The opportunity to print components out of metal creates new opportunities for industrial components and rapid prototyping. Turku has a strong foundation for metal printing.

Head of education and research at TUAS Mika Lohtander points out the importance of this conference: ”The Turku region has many experts in additive manufacture. These can be found in metal industry, bio-industry, and dentistry. This really affects many sectors. Therefore, it’s good that experts from all sectors come together to discuss what 3D printing means from different perspectives.”

Dentures, tissue structures, various orthopedic devices, or new pharmaceutical under skin implants with varied dose and timing of dose, tailored to individuals, can all be printed. The idea with implants is to ensure long term dosage from months to years. There will be no need to ingest medicines daily.

Turku’s bio and medical knowledge base is at the center of the second seminar day. Individually tailored medicine dosing and tissue bioprinting are seen as having extremely good potential. Head of research, primary lecturer at TUAS, Mika Jokinen states: “We have and excellent chance of finding and developing completely new pharmaceutical products. This is an extremely significant sector for the future growth of Finnish exports. Know-how in this sector has national as well as international relevance.”

The seminar takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, June 15th and 16th 2022 at the Kupittaa campus at Lemppari on Lemminkäisenkatu and EduCity (Lemminkäisenkatu 30 ja Joukahaisenkatu 7). Media representatives can get to know the experts on Wednesday June 15th at 11.00 am in the lobby of Lemppari. More information, the program and speaker info can be found on the seminar website at

For more information and interviews: Mika Lohtander, puh: +358 40 057 9455

For more information and interviews: Mika Jokinen, puh +358 50 323 760