Six leading themes of the research strategy and their content:

Key themes of the research strategy

Industry 4.0: Additive manufacturing, AI, AR/VR, Cloud services, Cyber security, IoT, System integration, Simulation, Autonomous robots, Big data

Marine Technology and Logistics: Autonomous systems, Simulators, Smart Shipping, AR/VR, Design, Maintenance, Logistics

Health Technology: Drug development, Diagnostics, Genetics, Analytics, Monitoring, Imaging,Solutions for nursing, Robotics, AI, VR, Biomaterials in health applications, Functional foods, Process solutions

Bioeconomy: Renewable materials, Biochemicals, Biomaterials, Biorefineries, Food production

Cleantech and Circular economy: Solar energy, Battery Technology, Energy Technology, Energy efficiency,Process Technology, Process design, Process optimization & control, Combustion, Environmental Technology , P2X, LCA, Textile recycling, Battery recycling, Construction materials recycling, Construction, Side streams from industrial processes

Information Technology: Wireless technologies, Software technology, Platform solutions, AI, HPC, AR & VR, IoT, EGDE, Gaming, Drones, Data