Technology is used to build a sustainable future. Åbo Akademi University’s Master of Science training in chemical and process technology and information technology will provide you with understanding and know-how in a number of fields of technology while helping to solve the challenges of the future.

As a Master of Information Technology you will lay the foundation for the digitalisation of society and industry. You will develop high-quality software and services as well as applications of the industrial internet which will enable sustainable development.

As a Master of Chemical and Process Technology you will design cleaner processes for the industry and develop environmentally sound and health-promoting technologies.

In Åbo Akademi University you will study technology in Swedish, but will complete most of the advanced studies in English. During the studies you will get language immersion that will increase your attraction on the labour market.

You can apply for all Master of Science programmes in joint application with just one entrance exam.

Joint application for Master of Science training (in Finnish)

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